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Well Drilling


Proper well construction is all about knowledge and experience. Sheehy Well & Pump Company has been installing wells in Lake, Porter, Newton and Jasper counties since 1939. We know our area, we take our trade seriously, we care about your health, and the integrity of our shared ground water resource. We are committed to stewardship of the resource, education of our customers, use of the best industry practices, and growing as technology advances and improves.

Residential Wells 

We drill sand and rock wells for existing homes and new construction. We can help you decide what matters most and design the system you need. We work with homeowners directly and general contractors. 

Agricultural Wells 

Call us to help design and install your next well. We drill sand or rock wells for general farm use, filling sprayers, running center pivots, watering livestock, or supplying milking parlors. 

Public Water Supply Wells

If your facility is regulated by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, we can help design and install a well that will comply with the IDEM standards.  


Irrigation Wells

We drill dedicated irrigation wells for residences and businesses.  We can work as part of the design and installation process, or put in a well to supply an existing irrigation system. 


Geothermal Wells

We drill dedicated holes for geothermal systems. We are accredited by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA). Call us with your water requirements. You want a driller who can do the job safely and "by the book".

Please call 219.696.0455 to discuss your options.

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