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Well Rehabilitation

Recover lost capacity, increase efficiency, and improve water quality


The water supply in our region is plentiful but mineral deposits build over time effecting the capacity of a well. When a well doesn't make enough water to keep up, some contractors skip straight to starting over with a new well. While well replacement is still necessary in some cases, we can often rehabilitate a well to improve the well capacity. We will:


  • Measure your well's current performance

  • Mechanically scrub the well screen with brushes and a descaler

  • Monitor the PH over time

  • Reinstall the pump and flush the well before putting it back in service. 

In cases where there is debris in a well or unusually high amounts of deposits in a well, we can employ the use of an in-house down hole inspection camera to help remedy the problem more efficiently.

Remedy persistent bacteria

Chlorination or disinfection may help for the short term. A long-term solution requires the removal of the outer layer of the colony. We can remedy persistent bacteria problems in a well with the same rehabilitation process. The acidification of the well and mechanical brushing can remove the problem completely. 


Please call 219.696.0455 to discuss your options. 


Additional information on well rehabilitation is available at:





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