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Water Treatment

Do you not drink your water due to the smell or taste? We offer several different systems to help remove minerals from your drinking water- leaving you with less of a "well water" taste. We offer this equipment on a rental basis, financed over 3 years, or purchase outright. All equipment is installed by our technicians. 

Most ground water contains more than just water.

Water Softeners

Almost all water is hard water (water with minerals). Dissolved minerals— like iron, calcium, and magnesium—are naturally in ground water. While these minerals do not cause any health concerns, they can shorten the life of appliances, require you to use more soap to clean laundry, and are not pleasing to feel or see. These minerals produce scale. If left untreated, the minerals in hard water will cause orange stains on plumbing fixtures, clog plumbing, decrease energy efficiency and shorten the life of your washing machine, dishwasher, and water heater. Water softeners remove the hard water minerals leaving your fixtures looking new, improving the performance of your appliances, and requiring less soap and elbow grease. 

Iron Filtration

When there is a high amount of iron, it needs to be treated individually. An iron filter uses air to precipitate the iron out of the water, trap it, then wash it away. Iron filters will help the water softener stay in good working order. The great part is - no chemicals to aid in regeneration!  

Sometimes there is more than a softener can handle
Fall in love with your water

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis takes everything out of your water. Bottled water manufacturers often treat with reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis units we install are point-of-use, meaning at your kitchen sink. Perfect for filling the coffee maker, tea kettle, baby bottles, and your OWN water bottles. Reverse osmosis sets you free from buying and carrying jugs or cases of water. No more empty plastic water bottles added to the waste stream. Water treatment systems put you in control of what you consume. 

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We proudly install and servicve products from the following manufacturers:

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