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Well System Inspections

If you are buying a new home or selling your current house, you may be required or want to have each mechanical system inspected. Many components of a well system are not covered under home warranties- knowing if an item needs replacement before purchasing your home can reduce out-of-pocket expenses once you own the house.

Maybe you have lived in your house for a while but have questions about how a well system works. In any case, we can help.

During a well inspection, one of our trained technicians will evaluate the condition of visible well system components as well as general well performance. Standard items we check include:

  • Condition of visible well casing

  • Well cap is tight and properly vented 

  • Wire conduit to well is secured and in good condition

  • Note if ground conditions around well casing do not meet current codes

  • Potential sources of contamination near the well

  • Well pump horsepower, voltage, water output and running amperage

  • Well tank condition, size, construction and current air pre-charge

  • Condition of the pressure switch and pressure gauge

  • Condition of pipes related to the well system

  • Ensure wire size and circuit breaker are appropriate for pump size

  • Presence of debris or bacterial growth in filters or toilet tanks

  • Water related odors

Many real estate transactions also require water sampling along with an inspection. Our relationship with a local, certified microbiology and chemistry laboratory allows us to take most required samples and get results with short turn around time. Some samples can be taken at the time of the inspection, while others may require a repeat visit. Let our office staff know if your inspection will require water sampling when making your appointment.

Please call 219.696.0455 to discuss your options.

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