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Well System Service

Emergency Service

Did you turn on the water in your house and nothing happened? This is an emergency. Call us at 219-696-0455. We are in the office 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday to listen to your problem, answer questions you may have, and schedule service. If you have an emergency when our office is closed, please call 219-696-0455 to be connected to the current on-call technician.

Pump Replacement

Does your pump run longer than usual when using water? As a pump gets older it can lose efficiency. Occasional tripped breakers may mean the pump motor is wearing out. We work on residential, business, public water supply and agricultural pumps. You want an experienced person to supply a quality pump and expertly install it. Sheehy Well & Pump carries and services submersible pumps, jet pumps, and constant pressure systems.

Tank Replacement

Have you noticed that the pump is running everytime you use water? Maybe you've noticed the pressure seems worse than it used to be.  When the tank is not working properly it leads to the premature failure of the pump and switch. Sheehy Well & Pump carries common fiberglass tank sizes in stock, and we can order what you need if it is out of stock. Please call our office with any questions you may have about your tank, or to schedule service.

Water Sampling

Sheehy Well & Pump Company is familiar with many kinds of drinking water analysis. We use a certified microbiology and chemistry laboratory. The US EPA recommends coliform bacteria sampling annually. This information can give you peace of mind about your water, or be an early indicator of bigger problem. Coliform testing is especially important for the very young, very old, or people with weakened immune systems. Your health or water quality concerns along with your geographic area, the land use around you, and the specifics of your water well construction all play into developing a sampling plan.



We are proud to sell products by some of the following manufacturers:

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